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The Circle of Friends warmly welcomes members of the community who would like to share their gifts and talents with our P.O.P. Program participants. Volunteers are an important key to unlocking the door between our participants and the community. Volunteers pour knowledge and love into the lives of our participants who, in-turn, bless others with what they've been taught. This process assists us in tearing down barriers within our community and creates a pathway for the building of meaningful relationships. It is a great recipe for a stronger community dynamic. 

If you have a unique skill or talent please be encouraged to inquire about the possibility of teaching this skill and/or talent. It may be possible to add this to the calendar. Volunteers can choose to lead a class virtually or may lead in person. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity please click on the icon labeled 'Volunteer Packet', fill out an application, and return it by email at: president@circleoffriendsministry.org. You may choose to mail or drop off the application to 105 E. Stuart Ave., Lake Wales. Please note that we take extra precautions when onboarding volunteers and staff. Each is required to pass a rigorous background check. It is an important part of ensuring safety for our participants. We are not able to host any person with a history of convictions that are violent or sexual in nature. There are no exceptions. 

We look forward to bringing our volunteers and participants together for a great experience! Thank you for selflessly giving of your time and talents. 

Covid-19 Adaptations

Running a program for individuals with varying disabilities during a viral pandemic is a delicate balancing act. Our program participants do not respond well to people with face coverings. Some cannot hear well and need to read lips and see facial expressions. Some participants suffer from extreme anxiety. Being unable to completely connect with leaders causes break-down in behavior and undue stress. Most of our participants suffer from more than one health issue, which places them in a high-risk category for an adverse outcome should they contract the Carona Virus. We have taken all these factors into consideration and constructed a plan to reduce the chances of virus contraction to our participants, staff, and community. We require all guests to wear a face covering when entering our facility. Temperature checks are to be conducted at the sign-in table for all staff, participants, and volunteers. Any person found to have a temperature greater than 99.3F will be turned away until the fever has been broken for 48 hours. Volunteers are not required to wear masks when leading a class, however, they are to sanitize hands prior to beginning lessons and keep a 6 foot distance when face coverings are not being worn. Any person exposed to someone with a fever higher than 99.3F will need to quarantine away from our facility for 7 days. If they show no signs of fever or symptoms then they are welcome to return. Any volunteer who is under quarantine may opt to instruct their lessons virtually until they are cleared to return. If any volunteer/staff is exposed to the Carona Virus he/she will need to take and present a negative test result prior to returning to the  facility. There are no exceptions.