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Our Sponsors

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Our team extends our humble gratitude to all of our sponsors. Each of our faithful sponsors. grantors, and donors have invested the finances necessary for our organization to continue providing equitable resources and programming for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults throughout Polk County. It is because of your continued generosity that we are able to expand our services and look boldly into the future when we can offer affordable supported living housing to those living with IDD who are suffering shelter insecurity and/or housing displacement. We pledge to respect the finances you sow into our ministry and that they will yield fruit in the lives of our students, their families, and in the communities which we serve.

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First Baptist Church of Lake Wales

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Mountain Lake Community Service

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First Presbyterian Church of Lake Wales

Grants are Seeds that Grow to Fulfill Needs!

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The Empower Polk Grant, through the Givewell Foundation, has provided the opportunity for continued education of one of our P.O.P. Program Instructors. It has also provided the finances necessary for our entire staff to become CPR/BLS certified. This grant helped us to renew Florida's S.E.R.V.E. certification, which gives our community peace of mind knowing that we know how to properly handle and prepare food and provided the funds necessary to re-certify as a Notary Public for the convenience of our families during annual enrollment for the P.O.P. program. Thank you, Empower Polk, for helping us to increase our quality and safety within our program.

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The E.R. Jahna Foundation has been faithful in its' annual support for our program. Their financial provisions through grants have acted as the key to unlocking the opportunity for low-income intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to gain independent living skills, improve their quality of life, and participate with the public through community and educational activities. Their charitable giving and support have changed the lives of many special needs families, giving them hope for the future. 

Votum Foundation has gone over-and-above with support for our program, mission, and students. The foundation had become fundamental in the success of moving forward with program improvements, scholarships, and our vision for supervised housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are humbly grateful for all the support provided through the Votum Foundation.

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Mountain Lake Community Service

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Mountain Lake Community Service (MCLS) has provided support to many nonprofits, assisted in advancing improvements throughout Lake Wales, and continues to be a vital resource throughout our city. We have been honored that MLCS counts our program and students as one of the worthy causes that they financially support and advocate for. Lake Wales is truly blessed to have a community like Mountain Lake that sees the good and potential in people and projects that may not have the support given by other donors and sponsors. MCLS has been responsible for providing the finances for more scholarships to low-income disabled adults than any other foundation in 2022! This fact is worth mentioning and we are humbled by the support they have given us. We look forward to networking with MCLS for future scholarships in order to make sure that every person with disabilities has a chance to attend quality programming regardless of income.    

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Truist has been true to its mission to support nonprofits that provide inclusion and diversity within the workplace and when working with consumers. The Truist foundation has been a great support to our mission which empowers, equips, and provides inclusion to those with intellectual and developmental differences. Thier grants have provided scholarship funding for one low-income intellectually and/or developmentally disabled adult each year! As a financial institution, they are laying the groundwork and setting the example for other such institutions to get behind sponsoring a disabled adult, further extending the opportunity to attend our program that has been created and specifically designed to suit their needs, pull their potential, and live a more independent life as a contributing member of their community. The development of independent living skills within our differently abled population benefits every part of our city and we are grateful that Truist has chosen to support our mission which continues to strengthen our students and community.

Florida's Natural Growers Foundation has helped build and shape Lake Wales into what it is today. We support Florida's Natural through product purchases and donations for their annual golf fundraiser.  Their foundation helps local nonprofits, such as ours, remain active and available to those less fortunate and high-risk community members.  Every year we have the opportunity to apply for a grant from the Florida's Natural Growers Foundation and every year we ask for grants that will help our low-income disabled adults with funds for scholarships to attend our day program. We are thankful that every year they have provided a portion of one students' scholarship. These funds from the grants we receive help reduce the amount of tuition we need to raise for one student's scholarship. Lake Wales is fortunate to have a "hometown" company with a heart for low-income disabled adults!


Publix has a long history of supporting a wide variety of nonprofit see. Our nonprofit organization also had the privilege of receiving support from Publix for many of our fundraisers. Their donations have been essential in keeping overhead expenses at a minimum and program funds at a maximum. The Publix company has many areas that they give to. We are hopeful to partner with Publix in the near future to bring additional resources to those living in poverty with intellectual and developmental dofferences. 

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