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Buy Starboard __FULL__

As the world's leading fabricator of King Starboard we pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of this versatile material. King Starboard has become the industry standard for the fabrication of tackle boxes, rod holders, access doors, filet tables, tool holders, and a wide variety of other marine products. Beyond marine, King Starboard is an ideal material for the construction of anything that requires long-term weather resistance. We've supplied starboard for everything from custom outdoor furniture, art installations, and even animal enclosures for a national zoo.

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There are some projects where starboard is not your best option. For example, Coosa Board is better for transoms and decks due to its rigidity and comparably lighter weight. Similarly, some customers prefer accessories with a high-gloss finish that matches the boat's gel coat. For these customers, acrylic is the better choice. Lastly, for applications where the material will be visually hidden (upholstery substrate for example), using Starboard would be unnecessarily expensive and lower cost Expanded PVC is a better value option.

We purchase and fabricate more starboard than anyone else in the world (over 76,000 sheets in 2020!). This high volume allows us to accommodate any order, large or small, with fast lead times and low prices. Custom cuts and full sheets are available 24/7 at, if you need help placing an order or have any questions we have a team of experts here to help.

The strength of starboard depends on its size and thickness. Starboard is easily strong enough to be used for hatch lids, and swim platforms but it must be supported properly. The actual tensile strength of starboard at yield is over than 4,100 PSI.

One of the best things about starboard is that it's maintenance free. Starboard never needs to be polished or refinished and is easy to clean. Dish soap, citrus cleaners, alcohol, mineral spirits or a magic erasers are all good options for cleaning Starboard.

Starboard can not be painted, there are no paints, dyes, or stains that will hold to the material for any significant amount of time. Not being able to paint starboard is not a common issue due to all the available color options.

King Starboard can not be glued, it has to be assembled using stainless fasteners or plastic welding rods. Some adhesives claim to bond starboard, but none offer permanent adhesion. Caulks like Elastomeric Marine Sealant can be used with starboard to seal seams but must be used in addition to screws or bolts.

Just to mention, the shipping calculator on the site is just that a calculator, sometimes she can be off, we ship teak bungs to sheets of starboard and plywood and everything in between, it has been a bear to try to dial in the shipping calculator, we check shipping cost every time we run a label and we will ship the cheapest way we can. 041b061a72


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