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Expository Essay On Corporal Punishment

In India corporal punishment has become a common feature in schools.several incidents of physical assault have been reported in the news papers for instance,a student of class xii from a popular school in Udaipur and a student from Delhi Municipal Corporation school died due to the beating they received from their school teachers. This is shocking. In another incident, a class xi student in Ahmedabad accused a teacher of having hit him so hard that he suffered a temporary loss of hearing. Making a student kneel down or stand for hours, pinching and slapping are all set to be banned under plants to widen the definition of corporal punishment in school.

expository essay on corporal punishment

The national commission for protection of child rights has suggested a code of conduct for teachers in school. The main feature of the code is a total ban on corporal punishment. Some states in India have banned corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is just another from of physical violence and has no place in an enlightened society.

However there are numerous instances of milder punishment that go unnoticed. There is enough evidence to suggest that teachers, including those at elite schools, physically and verbally intimidate children some of whom could be as young as five years old. There is unfortunately no national law banning cruel or unusual punishment in schools. The national policy on education merely says that corporal punishment is not permissible.

Discipline is a must for students in schools and colleges. However enforcing it though corporal punishment is highly objectionable and rather inhuman. This kind of punishment was generally practiced during the medieval period, and is now outdated.moreover this is not the right procedure or technique to discipline a student.

The supreme court states that children are not to be subjected to corporal punishment in schools and they should receive education in an environment of freedom and dignity, free from fear. The national policy on education directs the school authorities to take necessary action in the matter,so that this evil practice affecting the physical and mental health of children can be nipped in the bud.

Corporal punishment does not have any positive effect on a in stead worsens the situation.for instance, a student who is very naughty,or least interested in studies,when subjected to corporal punishment,may become more aggressive in nature. He may even leave the school and studies. Such development may be disastrous for a child future and for the society. Corporal punishment may even cause permanent physical is orders in a child. For example her slapping upon the ears can make him totally deaf for the rest of his life. Harsh whipping and canning of the hands and legs can damage the bones and muscles.

Unfortunately, corporal punishment is still frequently applied in many schools and at homes. While the parents and educators take care of the discipline, they forget the severe negative impact of such method. To decrease the use of corporal punishment, the dangers implicated by it should be explained and discussed through the media at a state level. More efforts should be made on the way to eliminating any forms of child abuse.

We are writing to urge you to take decisive action on the problem of violence against children, and specifically corporal punishment in schools and in other settings. We believe that in your new role as Minister of Education, you will have a crucial function in improving the future of young Kenyans and protecting their rights.

We therefore appeal to you to take strong action against corporal punishment in Kenya, in conjunction with the Minister of Gender and Children Affairs and the Minister of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs. We specifically urge you to initiate the following measures:

An informative/expository synthesis essay aims to explain a concept or idea comprehensively and leave any questions behind. For instance, medical reviews fall into the explanatory synthesis writing category. In essence, for a medical overview, one collects, evaluates, and analyzes different medical studies to synthesize a conclusion.

Then, you will come up with the thesis statement. In it, you can make the following statement: insufficient supervision and living conditions, systemic humiliation, and corporal punishment rather than video games are the main drivers of youth violence.

Most acts of physical violence against children are undertaken with the intent to punish.[136] In the United States, interviews with parents reveal that as many as two thirds of documented instances of physical abuse begin as acts of corporal punishment meant to correct a child's behavior, while a large-scale Canadian study found that three quarters of substantiated cases of physical abuse of children have occurred within the context of physical punishment.[137] Other studies have shown that children and infants who are spanked by parents are several times more likely to be severely assaulted by their parents or suffer an injury requiring medical attention. Studies indicate that such abusive treatment often involves parents attributing conflict to their child's willfulness or rejection, as well as "coercive family dynamics and conditioned emotional responses".[34] Factors involved in the escalation of ordinary physical punishment by parents into confirmed child abuse may be the punishing parent's inability to control their anger or judge their own strength, and the parent being unaware of the child's physical vulnerabilities.[32]

Child abuse is an international public health crisis. Poverty and substance use disorders are common social problems worldwide, and no matter the location, show a similar trend in the correlation to child abuse.[155] Differences in cultural perspectives play a significant role in how children are treated.[156] Laws reflect the population's views on what is acceptable - for example whether child corporal punishment is legal or not.[156]


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