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Weed Shop 3 Free Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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Weed Shop 3 Free Download

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Can you turn an out-of-business dildo shop into a profitable Cannabis empire? Probably not, but there's only one way to find out... Weed Shop 3 is a recreational marijuana dispensary simulator with business management mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline you'd come to expect from the guys who almost smoked crack with Kevin in Tenderloin.In Early Access, you start your journey just like the last time- broke and clueless. Except now you're even brokerer... er, and your Camaro's been jacked. While moping around at the beach you meet a mysterious yet familiar character who is willing to let your in on his secret to success .. as long as you got an extra kidney to spare. THE SECRET: You can make a lot of money selling weed legally! duhWith the kidney well-spent, you'll learn the ins and outs of growing Marijuana, dealing with customers, promoting your product, and getting high on your own supply... also dumpster Tacos. In other words, you'll be on your way to becoming the largest weed distributor on the west coast!

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Gameplay is very similar to previous games in series. You are still in charge of cannabis store and must sell marijuana to customers. The Weed Shop 3 free download has a new city to explore and new customers to meet. You can also now grow your own cannabis, which was not possible in previous games. Gameplay is still very addictive and I still find myself coming back to play it for hours at time.

Interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Player is able to manage their shop from central location, and it provides clear instructions on how to play. Player is also able to view their shop's statistics, such as sales and profits, from interface. Overall, Weed Shop 3 game free interface is well-designed and provides a great user experience.

Weed Shop 3 is game that simulates experience of running marijuana store. It is third installment of Weed Shop series and was released in 2016. The game is played from first-person perspective and player of Weed Shop 3 for free must manage their cannabis store, grow cannabis, and sell it to customers. Game is set in state of California, and player can choose to grow their weed indoors or outdoors. Player must also choose type of cannabis they want to grow, which will determine price and quality of marijuana. Player can also hire employees to help run their cannabis store.

It is a great game for those who enjoy managing business and growing cannabis. The gameplay of Weed Shop 3 free download is very realistic and allows you to manage every aspect of your business.You can cultivate various marijuana strains, work with people, and market your goods to consumers. In addition, you must deal with police, who, if you are not careful, may raid your store. It is very difficult, and success depends heavily on strategy.

Can you turn an out-of-business dildo shop into a profitable Cannabis empire? Probably not, but theres only one way to find out...Weed Shop 3 is a recreational marijuana dispensary simulator with business management mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline youd come to expect from the guys who most definitely didnt smoke crack with Kevin from Tenderloin.You start your Marijuana-infused adventure just like the last time: broke and clueless. How broke? Grow your weed in the toilet, look for singles in the trash, smoke roaches, deal ditch weed to burnouts type of broke. The journey to the top will be a long and grindy one, but hey at least you still got your kidneys and a little bit of weed, so start growing and work your way up the Ganja ladder!Deal weed on the streets or sell it in your shop and use the proceeds to expand your operation. Upgrade your grow setup and grow larger quantities of more potent strains. Improve the visual appearance of the shop to attract higher-paying clientele. Make and sell your own pre-rollds as well as various paraphernalia.Once your grow op becomes too much for one stoner to handle, get more! Hire staff and have them specialize in selective fields such as farming, promoting, sales, etc. as they gain more experience. Having experienced staff will allow you to outsource most of the daily grind so you can focus on bigger things.Now since you got some free time on your hands and, hopefully, a whole lot of cash in the safe, why not open up a second facility and start experimenting with cross-breeding new strains? Breeding a new more potent hybrid strain will take a lot of trial and error unless you get to know the right people, that is.Got them hybrids growing in your brand new field already? Perfect! All you need now is some hash extractors, heated dab presses, and cart fillers and youll be producing solventless concentrates with the highest THC in town, Congrats youve finally almost made it... sort of. All you need is some brand recognition and, fortunately for you, Sunless Beach is crawling with various influencers. Hire them to promote your products, gain their respect, and turn them into high-paying customers who will then promote your shop for free.The road to becoming the biggest Weed Dealer on the coast wont be without its challenges. Youll have to deal with shoplifters, creckheads, snitches, thugs, and some other **** we cant disclose for legal reasons. However, whenever the going gets tough just grab a blunt and light up! Hit the beach, your pad, or the club and dab out until you trip out! Source: Weed Shop 3 -

Weed Shop 3, the latest installment in the popular video game series, has just been released, and fans are already clamoring for more. The game, available for PC, Mac, and Linux, features a brand-new campaign mode that allows players to control their own weed shop. In addition to the new campaign mode, the game also features an extensive weed garden where players can grow and cultivate their own weeds. 041b061a72


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