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New Year's Eve Party 2022

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Haunted 2021

Andy: Because even if you are the world's biggest skeptic, if you don't believe in ghosts. There really aren't that many ways to talk about these sorts of things. These sorts of things that we all feel. Guilt for the things that we've done in our past, the loss of those who we've loved. Ghost stories seem to stick around because they are an experience, albeit a metaphorical experience, but an experience that lets us talk about these things that we can't adequately talk about. That feeling of being haunted.


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Riverdale Road is known as the most haunted road in Colorado. With stories of hangings, burnings and road-side accidents, lost souls and decrepit creatures roam the 11-mile stretch aching for help from those passing by.

While you're here, be sure to visit The Haunted Pyramids Halloween Store! You can purchase masks, wigs, makeup, props, t-shirts, and other Halloween decorations. The store hours are Monday thru Saturday from 12-7pm! We will be open extended hours when the haunted house operates. Come and buy some great, spooky Halloween merchandise!

Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions is located in Ulster Park, NY, part of the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley. The historic manor circa 1793 incorporates over sixty-five acres of naturally landscaped property including foreboding woods, surreal ponds, fruit orchards and more. Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions is a unique, immersive experience with a theme that changes each Halloween season. Featuring a walk thru trail, a corn maze, and 8 additional haunted attractions:

Enter if you dare! Take a tour through the darkness of our Haunted Mansion, filled with suspense and surprise that'll have you jumping right out of your seat in fright! Our traditional haunted ride has been named a favorite for over 10 years by Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts!

For over 20 years, from monsters to mayhem and all things that go bump in the night, Darkside Haunted Estates have brought nightmares back to life, and this Haunt Season is no exception; we have added new haunted attractions never seen before!

The Boo-Crew Build Crew has designed, fabricated, and integrated dynamic special effects into every haunted attraction at Darkside Haunted Estates. From the mile haunted walking trail to the Mayhem Hayride through the backwoods. Our newest attractions now include the Insane Asylum, JoJo's Clown Town, the Slaughterhouse, the BUNDIE Hotel, the S. S. Sea Hag and RottenKorr Cemetery! Tickets available at the Midway Ticket Booth. 041b061a72


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