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New Year's Eve Party 2022

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Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition DLC 3DS (U...

There are lots of games that'll be lost, but this does seem to be one of the biggest to bite the dust. If you want to have it in your collection there's still time to fire up Fates and purchase it, but after March next year a major Fire Emblem campaign will be gone outside of a relatively small number of limited edition physical copies.

Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition DLC 3DS (U...

@Captain_Toad Revelation is notable because for most it's mostly DLC only (the special edition with it on the cart is pretty darn rare). Awakening is a retail game so, theoretically, it's just about finding a copy.

So Glad I got the special edition, I am feeling a little guilty that I never finished the 3rd campaign. Like other's said, I wonder what the equation is for Nintendo. I know it costs money to run and host these eshops and as time goes on the purchases decrease substantially and I suppose they are at a point where its costing more money then they get in sales. Maybe they could donate the games they are not intending to sell again to the abandonedware or something. Cold business sense tells me they will not since that would rob them of the opportunity to make money if they choose to re-release it in the future.

Very glad and lucky to purchased the special edition back in time, but this really sucks. We have just only 3 months to download the dlc of our backlog 3ds games. We should not forget a title and also we shall search the eshop to download digital only games that have great use of stereoscopic 3d. Three months with a lot of press and anxious. Very angry again with Nintendo. It's too soon God Damned!!!

Quote from: ejamerSo is the "special edition" really just the normal game with some DLC codes packed in?Saw an image, and it looked like the game included was just the normal white version of the game...

A special edition of the *New* Nintendo 3DS XL featuring Fire Emblem Fates artwork will be released on February 19. There's a catch: neither Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest or Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright will be bundled with the 3DS.

Nintendo will release a special edition, Fire Emblem Fates-themed version of its New Nintendo 3DS XL hardware when the role-playing game launches in North America on Feb. 19. The hardware will feature artwork inspired by the game and will cost $199.99. 041b061a72


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