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MrFishIt V1.0.4.rar

MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar: A Simple and Effective Way to Catch Fish in WoW

If you are a World of Warcraft player who loves fishing, then you might be interested in MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar, a fishing bot that can help you catch fish automatically and efficiently. In this article, we will review the benefits of using MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar, and provide a guide on how to install and use it.

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What is MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar?

MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar is a fishing bot for World of Warcraft that can fish for you without any input from your keyboard or mouse. It works by detecting the fishing bobber on your screen, and clicking it when it splashes, indicating that you have caught a fish. It can also cast your fishing line automatically, and loot the fish from the water.

MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar is compatible with World of Warcraft version 3.3.5a, which is the latest patch for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It can be used on any server that runs this version of the game, including private servers.

What are the benefits of using MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar?

Using MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar can bring you many benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and effort: You don't have to spend hours sitting in front of your computer, watching your fishing bobber, and clicking it manually. You can let MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar do the work for you, while you do other things, such as watching a movie, reading a book, or sleeping.

  • Earning gold and rewards: Fishing can be a lucrative source of income in World of Warcraft, as you can sell the fish you catch to other players or vendors, or use them for cooking or alchemy recipes. You can also get rare and valuable items from fishing, such as mounts, pets, toys, and achievements.

  • Relaxing and enjoying: Fishing can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity in World of Warcraft, as you can explore different locations, listen to the ambient sounds, and admire the scenery. You can also chat with other players who are fishing nearby, or join a fishing guild or community.

How to install and use MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar?

To install and use MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar: You can download MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar from [this link], which is a trusted and safe source.

  • Extract MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar: You need to extract MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip, which can open .rar files.

  • Run MrFishIt.exe: You need to run MrFishIt.exe as an administrator, which will open a window with the settings and options for the bot.

  • Configure MrFishIt.exe: You need to configure MrFishIt.exe according to your preferences and needs, such as setting the delay between casts, enabling or disabling sounds, choosing the fishing lure to use, etc.

  • Start World of Warcraft: You need to start World of Warcraft and log in to your character that you want to use for fishing.

  • Equip your fishing rod: You need to equip your fishing rod and make sure it is on your action bar.

  • Find a fishing spot: You need to find a fishing spot that suits your fishing skill level and the type of fish you want to catch.

  • Press F12: You need to press F12 on your keyboard, which will activate MrFishIt.exe and start fishing for you automatically.

  • Enjoy: You can enjoy the benefits of using MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar, and check your inventory for the fish and items you have caught.


MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar is a fishing bot for World of Warcraft that can help you catch fish automatically and efficiently. It can save you time and effort, earn you gold and rewards, and let you relax and enjoy fishing. To use MrFishIt v1.0.4.rar, you need to download it, extract it, run it, configure it, start World of Warcraft, equip your fishing rod, find a fishing spot, and press F12. We hope this article has been helpful and informative for you, and we wish you happy fishing!


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