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Windows Xp Professional Sp1 Product Key !!HOT!!

If you looking on the internet for a Windows XP Product Key So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you all windows XP version product keys or serial keys to get enter and activate windows in 2022. A lot of people daily bases search for windows XP sp2 or sp3 professional edition windows product key because Microsft can not any update Windows XP all for manual work so this post is all about Windows XP how to activate and how to select a product key or lifetime working.

Windows xp professional sp1 product key

Hello, After entering my product key I am promted to enter fields A-B-C-D-E-F-G with a numbers only code said to be provided by Microsoft operator? How do I get this? If I call microsoft will they help or will they not, due to not supporting xp anylonger? Or is there a universal code that works for this? Thnx for any help.

When you install Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, the media must match the product key. That is, the channel (MSDN, retail, OEM, Volume License, and so on), the SKU (Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, and so on), and the language (English, French, and so on) must match between the product key and the media. It is necessary so that you can successfully enter the product key. If the installation media does not match the product key, you receive the following error message:

If you use a "leaked" product key (a product key that is known to be available to the public) to deploy Windows XP across multiple computers (a Volume Licensing installation), you might be unable to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) and later versions of Windows XP, or automatically obtain updates from the Windows Update Web site. For example, you might receive the following error message when you install Windows XP SP1 and later versions of Windows XP:

You must have a valid product key before you can use the information in this article. To obtain a valid product key, click the following link to contact the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center:

This article describes two methods for how to change the Windows XP product key after a Volume Licensing installation to resolve the issue. One method uses the Windows Activation Wizard graphical user interface (GUI) and the other method uses a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) script. The Activation Wizard method is easier. However, if you must change the product key for multiple computers, the script method is more suitable.

This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:322756 How to back up and restore the registry in WindowsIf you only have a few volume licensing product keys to change, you can use the Activation Wizard.

If you must change the product key for multiple computers, we recommend this method. You can create a WMI script that changes the volume licensing product key, and then deploy this script in a startup script.

It is true that these product keys are for a trial version, and you still have to Activate Windows after you install. But all you have to do is use the phone number instead of using the Internet. Very simple, a little longer, but it works. You give them the numbers it shows on your screen, and then they give you numbers in return. Good luck! Worked great for me!

how can i over-ride this problem?when ever am browsing with my desktop even with my laptop computer i alway see the pop up windows telling the system will be shut down 2 minute and when it get to that exact time the system will off.please i need help on how to stop the promblemthanksjohn

ok hey everyone just to give you a hint theres a reason ea disc has its own validation key handing out your validation key on here will cause problems for you later cause microsoft will disable your windows because so many other people are using it ea validation key is only registered to 1 computer so if its on 8 computers they will kill that validation key meaing all computers with it will be dead it is advisable to not hand out the key that works for you or youll be looking for a new one eventually oh and even though the unattend hasnt worked for everyone it obviously has worked for others so its worth a shot if your in need and here you are so in need indeed :)oh and the product key in my unattend hasnt been listed on this page so for all those saying they are all the same no they arent maybe you just have a old win xp disc like before they started monitering the widows validation keys like hawks with binoculars mine starts out with r6r not xpcdt as many others are showing

Thanks a bunch.It went a great deal.i was able to read through the comment on the site to fix the issue.The product key inside unatend.txt did not work but i tried to read the comment further and saw another cd key and tried it and it was Awesome.u r the best.Keep it up.

Anonymous from September 18, 2008 posted the answer that worked for me! But to sum it up, I followed his instructions to locate the winnt.sif on the CD and there was, the working product key! It was very easy! Unbelievable!

i have a LEGAL copy of windows xp pro sp2 cd and its the retail version. i need to reinstall it again but dont have a key for it. ive taken my computer up 3 times to have windows insta;lled i keep geting virus no matter what. ive used every single fire wall, anti virus programs and no matter what i still run into this problem. been going on 3 months now.oh ya i do have a product key on my computer but its only good with windows xp sp2 oem cd

For all of those that are having problems:The numbers listed in the unattend.txt are ONLY the number that the OEM manufacturer uses to do an unattended installation on hundreds/thousands of computers per day!Can you imagine some poor tech typing individual product keys all day long????

Hey back in oct a person named anuella gave me the working key for my windows and i want to that you ive bine trying for weeks and the look on the disk in the unattend.txt and found it but didnt work so thanx again and good morning all

I have the CD for Windows XP, (home edition) that came with my Gateway back in 2001.I am trying to to install it on a virtual machine (parallels) on my new MAC.I have tried the product keys listed above but I have no luck with them.My 30 days have expired so what can I do?

You are the Jedi Master! This worked after I had my network invaded with the SYSTEM SECURITY TROJAN and had to re-install windows on my computer. I thought that I had lost my setup, but thanks to you I am able to work again!Word to the wise, this new trojan looks EXACTLY LIKE a Windows update System Pack 3 update! I thought it was, and it got me. Also, I suspect that it was tied to two sites that I visited, so I am notifying the webmasters as we speak.

unattend trick will not work. The key shown is encrypted and will not work if entered. Take a cd that you have the product code for and compare it to the one in the unattend file. they will not match. Sounded too good to be true, and it was.

Damn shit..! everthing not worked on mine..Everytime I entered those shit! product keys it says that it was incorrect or it is unauthorize.. Will somebody help me to find a product key that will suite on Windows XP SP2.

So I got bored and called tech support just to see if theyd give me another key. I gave them my product id, and after a few minutes of drumming my fingers the lady told me they no longer support such obsolete product. I asked her where I could get a key for it, as there is no reason to buy vista to upgrade a computer built in 98, and she said to google it.

This ones easy, just get rid of windows altogether and install ubuntu/ linuxmint or any other gui based linux distro! no need for shitty product keys or activation hassles, and they do everything windows does anyway

Thank you!You can also try Password Genius.It is very smart to recover product key.Importantly,It can recover product key for any Windows System.Check this out:

Hi,Once, I paid two times for the Vista product key because I forgot the product key at the first time then, I had no choice but bought it again. It not only waste money but also wastes time. Then I tried a software called Password Genius. It can find windows xp product keyonly within 1 minute.Check it out: this can help you !Best wishes!Mia

thanks alot the xp8bf code worked and i had like a 4 day problem finding a product key that workedif one dont work try THESE 3 CODEST3B7Y QGCOX VR6QG V4QMD RMHH6CD87T HFP4C V7X7H 8VY68 W7D7MXP8BF F8HPF PY6BX K24PJ TWT6M

hi i bought my used xp from currys second hand in january went to load 2 days ago no product key with it how dissapointing ive tried everything then i came on to ehacks and tried what someone said at the top of page and it worked well chuffed now my son can play on his own laptop thanks rebecca

Does anyone have a product key that does not have the letters H or G in it. My product key will not work because my H&G keys are not working at this time and I need to re-activate my XP professional system in order to get information off prior to getting the keyboard fixed

this trick will only work if you have not installed the same windows cd. else you have to use the actual cd key to get just log on to or write your way or your request letter to

Hi I have recently bought a refurbed laptop with windows xp on it, it told me that I had 30days to activate windows and then the next day it locked me out saying that it would not let me log on till I had activated it but it wont activate and is now asking me for a product key which I have not got and wont be able to get in the next few days.Is there a way round this? I have tried all the activation codes on previous posts and microsoft have been useless. Please help, I need the laptop working asap


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