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Kscan3d [full NEW! Version]l

Once you have done one full sweep of your subject head to toe, press the pedal to make the platform spin. As your subject is in motion slowly move the Kinect in an up and down motion making sure to get the top of the head all the way to the bottom of the platform as they rotate. If you do not have a rotating platform have no fear. You can walk around your model or use any manual spinning base of your choice.

Kscan3d [Full Version]l

Download Zip:

Once your subject has done a full rotation press the RECORD button in the top left corner again to stop the scan. Now that you have a full body scan you have to do some post processing to get it ready to print. First is making it watertight. Go to the WATERTIGHT option. Choose smoothing LOW and press RUN. Now your scan will have color. But it may not be straight or have a flat base. Now we have to use the MOVE & CROP tools. Use the SLIDE BARS to adjust the X, Y, and Z axis of your scan to make it flat and straight. Make sure your base is parallel with the X Y plane as cropping will cut off anything below it to make a flat base. Type in the name of your file in the TEXT BOX. Press CROP TO GROUND.

bonjour,la version gratuite de Skanect bride le nombre de polygones lors de l' deuxième image vient de blender, j'en déduis que c'est lors de l'export que vous avez eu la perte de qualité.l'acces au GPU n'a pas d'impact, c'est juste plus rapide que le rendu CPU

Make sure you've installed MS Kinect SDK 1.8 if your using v1 kinect and if your using the new version then get the MS Kinect SDK 2.0. Just search them on google and you'll see the one from the microsoft website. Good luck!

Notably missing from Skanects mesh-editing toolbox is a hollowing feature. Making models hollow with a thin wall and escape holes is something many professionals do to save on 3D printing costs with SLS technology used for full color sandstone prints.

Skanect 1.9 is an improvement in many ways, most notably texture quality and support for the latest Nvidia graphics cards. But the former is still behind the texture quality of itSeez3D and the latter requires an additional hardware investment to take full advantage of the workflow.

This second-generation peel 3D scanner offers a higher resolution than its predecessor, and is capable of capturing textures and colors. It is available with a smaller scan volume as the peel 2-S version was designed for parts measuring between 5 and 50 cm.

Suitable for on-site inspection in settings such as shop floors and labs, as well as more demanding environments with harsh conditions, the Scantech AM-DESK can achieve continuous 3D measurement with high precision. It can carry out non-contact and full-field inspections for parts up to 100 kilograms in weight (casting parts, molding parts, stamping parts, and beyond), as well as having the capacity for large batches, meaning it can be easily integrated into automated quality control processes for mass production.


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