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Trip to Bhangarh: The Most Haunted Place in India | Hindi Horror Movie 720p HD

Trip to Bhangarh Movie Review: A Horror Film That Fails to Scare

Trip to Bhangarh is a 2014 Hindi horror movie directed by Jitendra Pawar and starring Manish Chaudhary, Suzanna Mukherjee, Piyush Raina, Rachit Behl, Rohit Chaudhury, Poonam Pandey, Vikram Kochhar, Vidushi Mehra, Salim Zaidi, and Sudhir Rekhri. The movie was released on August 28th 2014 and received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie is based on the legend of Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan which is considered one of the most haunted places in India.


The movie follows a group of five friends who decide to go on a road trip to Bhangarh Fort after one of them has a premonition about it in his dream. Along the way they encounter various obstacles and strange events that lead them to believe that there is something sinister about their destination. Once they reach Bhangarh Fort they realize that they have entered a cursed zone where no one can escape alive.

What is Trip to Bhangarh Movie About?

The movie begins with a flashback scene where a tantric named Rudra Pratap Singh tries to perform a black magic ritual on Princess Ratnavati who is the ruler of Bhangarh Fort. However his plan fails as Ratnavati's bodyguard kills him before he can complete his spell. Before dying Rudra curses Ratnavati and her entire kingdom that they will die soon and their souls will be trapped in Bhangarh Fort forever.

In present day Delhi a group of five friends Ashu (Manish Ch audhary), Kavya (Suzanna Mukherjee), Rishi (Piyush Raina), Sajid (Rohit Chaudhury), and Prachi (Rachit Behl) are bored with their lives and decide to go on a road trip to Bhangarh Fort after Ashu has a dream about it. They are joined by a hitchhiker named Kanika (Poonam Pandey) who claims to be a journalist. Along the way they face various troubles such as a flat tire, a broken bridge, a snake bite, and a mysterious biker who tries to warn them not to go to Bhangarh Fort.

They ignore all the signs and reach Bhangarh Fort by nightfall. They enter the fort and start exploring it. They find a temple where they see a statue of Ratnavati and a book that contains the history of Bhangarh Fort. They also find a secret passage that leads them to Rudra's chamber where he performed his rituals. There they find his skeleton and his diary that reveals his obsession with Ratnavati and his curse on Bhangarh Fort. They also find a pentagram drawn on the floor with blood and candles.

They decide to leave the fort but find out that they are trapped inside by an invisible force field. They realize that they have become the victims of Rudra's curse and that they have to face his wrath. They start experiencing paranormal activities such as ghostly apparitions, demonic voices, moving objects, and violent attacks. One by one they are killed by Rudra's spirit who takes different forms to torment them. The only survivor is Ashu who manages to escape from the fort with the help of Kanika who turns out to be Ratnavati's reincarnation. She tells him that she was sent by God to save him from Rudra's curse and that he is her true love.

What are the Pros and Cons of Trip to Bhangarh Movie?


  • The movie has some decent performances by the lead actors especially Manish Chaudhary and Suzanna Mukherjee who play their roles convincingly.

  • The movie has some good cinematography and sound effects that create a spooky atmosphere for the viewers.

  • The movie has some catchy songs and background music that add to the mood of the movie.


  • The movie has a weak script and direction that fail to deliver a coherent and engaging story.

  • The movie has many logical flaws and plot holes that make the movie unrealistic and unconvincing.

  • The movie has poor editing and pacing that make the movie draggy and boring.

  • The movie has clichéd and predictable scenes that offer no surprises or scares for the viewers.

  • The movie has cheap and cheesy visual effects that ruin the impact of the horror scenes.



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