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  Enhanced Boutique

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 -Enhancing your self-care experience with products that renew your skin, contain healing qualities for your body, and uplift your spirit.



Enhanced Facecare Line

Microderm Sugar Abrasion

-Vanilla Cane Sugar Scrub

-Palm Sugar Scrub

-Pure Cane Sugar Scrub

-Coconut Sugar Scrub

-Maple Sugar Scrub

$12.00 each 6oz Bottle

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                             Enhanced Foot Care Line

Shae Butter Heel Balm

-Lavender & Peach 

2oz jar $10.00



  Bath Soak & Fizz

                    Epson salt, baking soda, essential oil

                    8 ounce bottle $12.00

                 - Lavender

                 - Citrus & Sage

                 - Peppermint

                 - Silver Lake

                 - Cool Water


  Enhanced Honey Line


   Struther's Orange       Blossom Honey

-Enjoy locally harvested Orange Blossom Honey from a company providing quality product for over 20 years.

Available in 

12oz  $7.00

1lb     $9.00

-Bee Pollen Sprinkle 

add a few dashes of pollen, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to you favorite desert

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Arthritis pic.jpg

All Natural Arthritis Butter.

This product provides relief from muscle and joint pain while moisturizing the skin with all natural Shae Butter and Hemp Oil.

Unlike mass produced store bought products, this butter has no harmful additives. 

$15.00 per 6oz. jar

Skin Moisturizer

Body Butters

Cocoa & Kokum Butter Base

-Café Mocha

Use for dry skin, 

sun burns, eczema, 


-Lemon Grass

Use to tone skin and correct dark spots

$10.00 each 4oz jar


-Amber Fire

-Fall Lover

-Island Experience

-La Vie Est Belle

-Modern Man

$6.00 each 6oz bottle


- Cocoa Butter 

- Peppermint Shae 

$3.00 1oz 

body butter pic.jpg


 Enhanced Aroma Therapy Line

         For Wax Burners

               Gel pods 

replace wax cubes with an alternative mess-free product that protects furniture from stains that occur with spills,

Just cool, peel up, and replace!


-Apple Cinnamon



-Blueberry Muffin

-Cafe Mocha

-Cinnamon Bun

-Holiday Spice




-Ocean Breeze


-Pine Forrest


-Squirrely Nut

$1.00 per pod


3 pods/$5.00

10 pods/ $15.00

Aroma Therapy Jewelry


-Small Silver Cylinder

-Small Silver Owl

-Small Silver Ball

-Small Silver Heart

-Long Bronze Oval 

-Long Bronze Nov. Stone Oval 

-Long Bronze White Floral Locket

-Long Bronze Turquoise

and Pink Locket

-Black and silver tree of life lanyard

$15.00 Short Necklace

$25.00 Lanyard

$30.00 Long Necklace


-White bangle and multicolor flower ball

-Gold bangle and multicolor flower ball

-Silver bangle and multicolor flower ball

-Pewter bangle with flower ball encrusted w/gems

-Silver dog paw close clasp

$15.00 each Bracelet set

All jewelry sold with extra aroma felts for replacement scents. 













Beard Oils

-Sweet Tobacco


-Bay Rum


 Essential Oils 

Roll or dab on pure, naturally extracted oils that help balance mood and provides moisture to applied areas.

-Citrus & Sage



$3.00 per 1oz bottle or 2 for $5.00

We carry over 50 essential oils and will provide your choice of scent will aroma therapy product purchase.

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Aroma Therapy picture.jpg
Tree of Life Aroma Therapy Pic.jpg

   Enhanced Tea Line

4 Pack =12 cups $5.00/pack

-Apple Pie

-Assam Black


-Chocolate Mint Swirl


-Earl Gray

-Fruit & Spice

-Hibiscus Peach

-Lean Green

-Lemon Ginger

-Mandarin Orange

-Moroccan Mint Green     Tea

-Spiced Orange

-Vanilla Black

-Vanilla Coconut




Brunch Mix Pack $25.00

     -Apple Pie



     -Fruit & Spice

     -Hibiscus Peach

     -Lemon Ginger

     -Mandarin Orange

     -Spiced Orange

     -Vanilla Black

     -Vanilla Coconut

loose leaf tea pic.png
Bar soap picture.jpg

   Enhanced Soap Line

Love your skin with our handcrafted soaps. Soaps are made with pure Shae Butter, Cocoa Butter, Goats Milk, Coconut and Glycerin bases with pure extracts and essential oil to scent. 

-Angel Wings


-Butter Bath

Hypoallergenic Shae Butter 

-Cherry Mint

-Cinnamon Orange

-Creamy Nutmeg

-Gummy Worm

-Island Getaway

-Man Soap


-Silver Lake

1 for $5.00  or 3 for $12.00

All products are available inside our location at

Circle of Friends Ministry, Inc.

105 E. Stuart Ave., Lake Wales

Business Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

We are a nonprofit organization. All prices are suggested donations set by incurred cost of materials and time that each product has took to create. 

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll free (800) 435-7352 within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. S496-405

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