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The Full Story

The Proclaiming Our Potential, or P.O.P., day program has been providing lessons and activities that help to equip adults with intellectual and developmental differences with life skills to achieve a life of greater independence for over 20 years! We have made great progress in helping our clients reach personal goals and with learning how to be contributing members of their family and community. Over the years we have noticed that the younger we start teaching life skills, such as personal finance, social skills, time management, and hygiene (amongst others) the more capable the client would be to function with independence in their daily activities. These clients needed less intervention with instructors to get and stay on task. They were able to engage more freely as a team leader, think more critically, and solve more complex problems than their peers who started learning these skills at a more advanced age. We have come to the determination that children living with IDD should be given the opportunity to develop life skills before reaching age 22 years, when they graduate or age-out of high school. This is typically the age that these skills are taught while attending tertiary learning centers/day programs. If we are to wait until after high school to start teaching these fundamental skills, the IDD students will be at an even greater disadvantage than their non-IDD peers who will have already learned these skills throughout their school years. We want to help decrease this gap by offering an annual program to children with IDD who can attend while on summer break as to not interrupt progress with their general education. The P.O.P. TOTS program will assist these children with general education retention during summer to help give them an advantage upon returning to school from summer break. Parents can be confident that their children are learning how to self-care and self-direct, both of which are necessary for children to learn so they can safely care for themselves when they are adults; and the parents are unable to care for them.

Secure a limited space for your child today!

P.O.P. TOTS is taking applications April 15th through June 10th. 2024.

Program Fees are just $200.00/week or $300.00/week for siblings. (Breaks down to only $5.00/hour)

Contact Crystal Higbee to schedule a tour at (863) 679-2507. Drop off completed application in person at 333 Lime Avenue or email completed application to


P.O.P. TOTS runs from July 1st through August 2nd, 2024.

Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

Fun & Active Learning.

Expanding Skills.

Inclusive Activities. 

Build new friendships.

General Education Retention.

Lessons are interactive. Hands-on activities and games to engage wider learning centers in a fun way. Our small group ensures each child will receive the time and attention necessary to address unique learning and communication styles which is the key to building a firm foundation for progress. 

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